Friends Trips

Booking a friends week is a great way to meet new friends see old ones and offers the benefits of special low rates and enhances the vacation experience!

Availability is very limited on some of these dates so please contact me ASAP to book!

  1. October 2-9, 2021, Couples Swept Away Anniversary event week. A great week to be at Swept Away
  2. November 3-13, 2021, Couples Sans Souci November To Remember Friends Trip
  3. November 3-13, 2021 Couples Negril Friends trip.
  4. Jan 20-19, 2022, Couples Sans Souci AFR Friends week
  5. Jan 29-February 5, 2022, Couples Sans Souci, Smoky’s Bare Butts Friends Trip: Discounted rates for all room categories.
  6. Feb 14-24, 2022, Couples Sans Souci February Presidents Week friends Trip: Discounted rates for all room categories.
  7. Feb 17-26, 2022, Grand Lido Negril Friends Trip
  8. March 2-12, 2022, Couples Sans Souci, March Bare Hunters Friends Trip
  9. March 12-22, 2020, Couples Sans Souci March Friends Trip
  10. April 3-15, 2022, Couples Negril April Friends trip
  11. April 30-May 7, 2022 Couples Sans Souci, Yahoo April Friends Trip
  12. November 4-14, 2022 Couples Sans Souci, November to Remember Friends trip
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